Online Personal Training

What is Armonikos Online Personal Training and Online PT Plus?

Its our excellent personal training services but simply online

Convenient and at affordable prices


This is what you will receive when you sign up for our Monthly Online Personal Training services


  • You will complete our fitness assessments, biometrics (body measurements) and lifestyle questionnaire forms online or via e-mail

  • You will complete our Personal goal setting contract online or via e-mail

  • You will receive a 4 week progressive personal exercise training program available online (with printable copy)

  • Access to video links with demonstrations of the correct exercise techniques that are in your program

  • Access to your program whilst on the go from your device when you download the app

  • When you complete your workout, log your results to our online service to enable us to monitor your progress

  • You receive feedback reports on your progress

  • Initial 7 day food diary analysis

  • Motivational messages or videos to help you maintain your efforts towards your health and fitness goals

  • The option to contact your assigned personal trainer at specified times once per week via email or by telephone for expert advice, motivation & additional support.

All this for only £40.00 per month

£10.00 per week

*£20.00 per Month for Energie Fitness gym members*


Online PT Plus

With Online PT Plus you receive all of our online training services PLUS a 1 hour personal training session with a personal trainer.

You can use your PT session to kick start each program where we will explain your month of training. You build confidence and you develop consistency. Alternatively use your session midway through the program for motivation and keeping you on track to achieve your fitness goals

It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions face to face.

Online PT Plus £70.00 per month

£17.50 per week

*£50.00 per Month for Energie Fitness gym members*

So, if you find you’re always on the go and require flexibility, use our contact us page to get in touch and get online today to start you fitness journey

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